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Toyota Expert ESP AD860 commercial embroidery machine . It’s a single head, 12 needle commercial embroidery machine recently serviced.

It features automatic color change, automatic thread trimmers, thread break detectors, trace function, wide sewing field and speeds up to 1200 stitches per minute.  Comes with assorted hoops,1 tubular hooping arm, 1 medium hooping arm, 1 large hooping arm, cap driver, cap frame and cap gauge to do hats.  Also includes manuals and computer pre-installed with digitizing software

Stitch Pro STI  
Computer-aided embroidery design software


- Expanded stitch file editing plus 3-button STI wireframe digitizing
- 2000 stock embroidery designs
- Create your own fonts
- Import art or scan directly
- Create pattern fills
- Edit on the fly
- Print out your own designs and color sequence sheets
- Insert stitches and functions
- View designs in layer mode
- Converts most commercial embroidery formats
- Connects directly to your Toyota machine
- Full stock lettering editing
- 115 pre-digitized fonts
- Letter bridging, arcing, kerning, and italicizing
- Full block editing of expanded files
- View your designs in 3D mode
- Control lettering density and column width
- Full condensed outline editing
- Can read .CND design files
- Pattern fill control
- Column width control
- Resize outline files and allow for stitch adjustment
- Auto underlay features
- Complete manual digitizing with auto-columns, symbols and patterns

Others features:
- Expert AD860 ESP (12 Colour Single Needle-Bar Embroidery Machine)
- Sewing Speed 100 ~ 1200 s.p.m (Max 1000 s.p.m with cap frame)
- Stitching Area 460 x 300mm
- Memory Capacity 100,000 stitches (up to 99 patterns)
- Dimensions 795mm (H) x 665mm (W) x 805mm (D)
- Weight 75kg
- Pitch 0.1 ~ 12.7mm
- Machine motor AC Servo Motor
- Embroidery frame motor AC Servo Motor
- Thread breakage sensor
- Stitch counter
- Pattern rotate and mirror
- Pattern repeat
- Move hoop (offset)
- Pattern trace
- Memory backup during power interruption
- Options Additional memory (approx. 160,000 stitches), cap frame, and embroidery frames (various sizes) working table
- Power Box Dimensions 137mm (H) x 253mm (W) x 224mm (D)
- Weight 5.4Kg
- Power 100 to 120 VAC or 200 to 240 VAC (single-phase). Frequency 50/60 Hz Power consumption - 320W

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