3 Year Safety Guarantee

Once the price of a cheap online deal can become evident here throughout the time, we pride ourselves at Unley Sewing. Our machine warranty provisions are made to make the experience as simple as possible if your machine creates an issue.

We don't offer you unbelievable sounding 10, 20 or even 30 year warranty periods; we offer you the best potential quality of care during the normal manufacturers guarantee period once we can be certain of honoring it. Upon coming together with us the machine is going to likely be scrutinized, and any warranty work completed entirely free of charge, or the machine replaced** if proper and returned immediately for you, again at our cost.

  1. All warranty associated labor is covered for the whole warranty period.
  2. All warranty associated transport costs are insured for the whole warranty period.
  3. We provide an entire machine warranty cover***, no concealed exclusion clauses
  4. Optional free electric safety PAT evaluation and rip-off before sending **** free of excess charge.

Compare their small warranty print with ours to enjoy the difference before purchasing online from our opponents.

*issues or Any faults will be dealt with by your warranty together with Unley Sewing. In case of user error we repent, we might need to charge for any replaced components and a courier price.
**Machines will simply be replaced after a review was completed by the manufacturer.
***Non-guarantee things are restricted to mains power plug fuses, bulbs and needles only.

The customer has to notify us in 24 hours from receipt of the merchandise about any damaged or faulty items. The Client is not able to replace products When this is not that noticeable.

This warranty is provided to the client provided your machine is granted fantastic lubrication and care in accordance and is employed for stitching functions. Wear and tear of any mishaps those components, any misuse, or neglect isn't covered by our guarantee. If the machine was repaired sewing machine or by a licensed dealer, merchant, or tech the machine isn't insured by under guarantee. Warranty is void if the device was disassembled or altered at all.

Insert on a Three Year Platinum Protection

Unley Sewing is pleased to provide its own Platinum Security Strategy, for stitching, embroidery, longarm quilting and overlock machines offered in the world.

Your purchase isn't complete until you include the safety of an Unley Sewing Platinum Protection program. You depend on working for you. When there arises an issue and fix is necessary, you'll need your machine. Are your financial plans and you ready? Particularly once you've got no method of knowing when or how the machine may require support?

You can relax. Together with our Unley Sewing Platinum Protection Strategy, flat-rate costs are removed to your sewing machine repairs. The program guarantees to cover all components & labor beyond the guarantee.

Do not put it off! Protect your pocketbook and your investment with coverage that is cheap.

In case you have any queries, Telephone Unley Sewing and receive the Platinum Security Warranty available to guard your machine!