Juki DDL-9000C Single Needle Sewing Machine


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Juki  DDL-9000C Single Needle  Sewing Machine series industrial sewing machine with direct drive motor, automatic thread trimmer and newly developed digital adjustment control with LCD display.

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 2 quantity for this product.

Model DL-9000CS (DDL9000CSMS digital type with semi-dry lubrication) features programmable digital adjustment of the feed dog height, feed pitch and feed motion.

The Juki model DDL-9000CF (DDL9000CFMS full digital type with semi-dry lubrication) also adds digital adjustment to the presser foot pressure, sewing thread tension device and a 4.3-inch large LCD touch screen operation panel.

These programmable adjustments can be set and recalled when switching between different garments and materials types; doing away with the constant manual adjustments each time you change back to a style you have done in the past.

- Model name: DDL-9000C-FMS:DDL-9000C-FSH: DDL-9000C-SMS: DDL-9000C-SSH

- Application: Medium-weight: Heavy-weight: Medium-weight: Heavy-weight

- Lubrication: Semi-dry: Minute-quantity lubrication: Semi-dry: Minute-quantity lubrication

- Max. sewing speed: 5,000sti/min: 4,500sti/min: 5,000sti/min: 4,500sti/min

- Max. stitch length: 5mm: 5mm: 5mm: 5mm

- Needle: DB×1·DPX5(#11) #9~18(Nm65~110): DB×1·DPX5(#21) #20~23(Nm125~160): DB×1·DPX5(#11) #9~18(Nm65~110): DB×1·DPX5(#21) #20~23(Nm125~160)

- Machine Head Type: Full Digital Type: Full Digital Type: Digital Type: Digital Type

- Needle Bar Stroke: 30.7mm: 35.0mm: 30.7mm: 35.0mm

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