Juki DDL-9000C Single Needle Sewing Machine


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Juki  DDL-9000C Single Needle  Sewing Machine series industrial sewing machine with direct drive motor, automatic thread trimmer and newly developed digital adjustment control with LCD display.

Model DL-9000CS (DDL9000CSMS digital type with semi-dry lubrication) features programmable digital adjustment of the feed dog height, feed pitch and feed motion.

The Juki model DDL-9000CF (DDL9000CFMS full digital type with semi-dry lubrication) also adds digital adjustment to the presser foot pressure, sewing thread tension device and a 4.3-inch large LCD touch screen operation panel.

These programmable adjustments can be set and recalled when switching between different garments and materials types; doing away with the constant manual adjustments each time you change back to a style you have done in the past.

- Model name: DDL-9000C-FMS:DDL-9000C-FSH: DDL-9000C-SMS: DDL-9000C-SSH

- Application: Medium-weight: Heavy-weight: Medium-weight: Heavy-weight

- Lubrication: Semi-dry: Minute-quantity lubrication: Semi-dry: Minute-quantity lubrication

- Max. sewing speed: 5,000sti/min: 4,500sti/min: 5,000sti/min: 4,500sti/min

- Max. stitch length: 5mm: 5mm: 5mm: 5mm

- Needle: DB×1·DPX5(#11) #9~18(Nm65~110): DB×1·DPX5(#21) #20~23(Nm125~160): DB×1·DPX5(#11) #9~18(Nm65~110): DB×1·DPX5(#21) #20~23(Nm125~160)

- Machine Head Type: Full Digital Type: Full Digital Type: Digital Type: Digital Type

- Needle Bar Stroke: 30.7mm: 35.0mm: 30.7mm: 35.0mm

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